The 100 $how

I was honored to be invited by Antonio de Lucca earlier this month to participate in the 100 $how. The show is described as, “an international event that showcases original works of 100 illustrators from Canada, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden and the US.” I was asked to donate four original pieces of art – preferably something existing and small in size. It could be anything from finished art to a collection of sketches. All art was displayed at the show opening @ W+K Portland on Feb 2. As I was looking through my files ( I had less than 24 hours to pull something together and ship them) I realized that the more I worked in digital medium the past several years, the less sketching (at least getting passed thumbnail form) I create. Luckily, I was able to find three pieces of art from several years ago that fit the bill. For the fouth piece, I made a piece in the style of my Rabbit Children illustrations, using an old print out, watercolor and ink (all the pieces for Rabbit Children are digital). You can see the pieces I submitted below. A big thanks to Antonio for asking me to be part of the show, especially since there were so many talented artists that participated. You can see more work from the show here.

woodblock print on rice paper
mixed media
Ink wash

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